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Welcome to Ivy Harper for Congress!


For too many years, Congress has been gridlocked by partisanship - and the needs of average Nebraskans have taken a backseat to special interests. I firmly believe that most Americans are frustrated and fed up with the last 18 months of rancor and partisan bickering that have dominated the nation's capital. Today's hardliners, on both sides of the aisle, have abandoned cooperation and compromise!


Compromise does not mean abandoning one's principles. Cooperation and building common ground have been keys to our country's democracy, since the nation's founding; and are even more vital during times of struggle and challenge.


Our nation is at a cross-roads. Countless commissions, hearings and reports have already identified America's challenges. Going door-to-door throughout the First District, Nebraska families have highlighted the same issues and concerns. The time has come to proactively address these issues and to turn words into action.


Americans deserve a Congress capable of building common ground and of designing solutions for the problems that affect the country. As Nebraska's common ground candidate, campaigning and legislating from the center, I am ready to serve the citizens of the First District in the next Congress.


Working together, we can usher in a new decade and a new era of cooperation and promise on November 2.


I am spending time in your homes and in your communities, listening to your voices and hearing your stories, with the hope that you will let me be your voice for a better future in the House!


Ivy Harper - the common ground candidate for the common good!

Ivy Harper / Congressional Yard Sign

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Nebraskans have friends and family in every corner and every community in this wonderful state.

To recognize the small-town/city connections that define the Cornhusker State, please join Democratic candidates Ivy Harper (1st District) and Rebekah Davis (3rd District) as they travel throughout Nebraska's 1st & 3rd Districts building common ground.